FoundedSectFounder(s)Major SectMajor Sect Founder

2009  Anglican Communion in North AmericaMerge of many orgainizationsAnglicanKing Henry VIII
2001  GooglismLarry Page and Sergey BrinInternet Search Larry Page and Sergey Brin
2000  Lords WitnessesGordon RitchieJehovah WitnessCharles Taze Russell

1992  Charismatic Episcopal ChurchChicago HallEpiscopalSamuel Seabury and Anglican Clergy after the American Revolution
1992  International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal ChurchAustin Randolf AdlerEpiscopalSamuel Seabury and Anglican Clergy after the American Revolution
1992  Traditional Episcopal ChurchRichard G. MelliEpiscopalSamuel Seabury and Anglican Clergy after the American Revolution

1991  Cooperative Baptist FellowshipBaptistJohn Smyth
1990  Evangelical Friends International
1988  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, TheLots o GroupsLutheranMartin Luther

1987  Alliance of Baptist ChurchesBaptistJohn Smyth
1987  American Association of Lutheran Churches LutheranMartin Luther
1983  Presbyterian Church (USA) Calvinist-PresbyterianJohn Knox and John Calvin

1983  Vineyard CHurches InternationalJohn WimberPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1982  Full Gospel Evangelistic AssociationClarence RobinsonEvangelicalHenry Ward Beecher, Phillips Brooks, Josiah Strong, Russell Conwell, Dwight Moody
1981  Evangelical Presbyterian ChurchSome Presbyterian Pastors and EldersCalvinist-PresbyterianJohn Knox and John Calvin

1980  Conservative Lutheran AssociationLutheran Pastors and laymenLutheranMartin Luther
1978  Association of Vineyard ChurchesJohn WimberOther
1978  Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and mar Thoma Orthodox Syrian Church (Indian Orthodox)OrthodoxPatriarchs

1977  Anglican Catholic ChurchEpiscopalSamuel Seabury and Anglican Clergy after the American Revolution
1977  Continuing Anglican ChurchesMany orgainizationsAnglicanKing Henry VIII
1977  PDITAGOther

1976  Catholic Tridentine ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1976  International Pentecostal Church of Christ PentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1976  Korean-American Presbyterian ChurchCalvinist-PresbyterianJohn Knox and John Calvin

1975  Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North AmericaOrthodoxPatriarchs
1975  Salvation and Deliverance ChurchWilliam BrownOther
1974  Cumberland Presbyterian Church in AmericaMoses T WeirCalvinist-PresbyterianJohn Knox and John Calvin

1973  Independent Christian Churches, InternationalDonald Ned HicksOther
1973  Presbyterian Church in America, The Calvinist-PresbyterianJohn Knox and John Calvin
1970  Bible Methodist Connection of Churches MethodistJohn and Charles Wesley

1970  Church of God (O'Beirn), TheCarl O'BeirnOther
1970  Church of God InternationalGarner Ted ArmstrondOther
1970  Orthodox Church in AmericaOrthodoxPatriarchs

1970  Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community ChurchesTroy D. PerryOther
1969  Liberal Catholic Church, Order ofSt GermainDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1969  Missionary Church Mennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons

1969  Society of Saint Pius XArchbiship Marcel LefebvreDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1968  Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection (Original Allegheny Conference) MethodistJohn and Charles Wesley
1968  Anglican Orthodox Church: D PakistanDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1968  Eglise Apostolique de MadagascarDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1968  Evangelical Church of North AmericaMethodistJohn and Charles Wesley
1968  Iglesia Catolica Americana OrtodoxaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1968  United Methodist Church MethodistJohn and Charles Wesley
1967  National Association of Holiness ChurchesSome Citizens of Indiana?Other
1966  Assemblies ofYahwehJacob O. MeyerOther

1966  CMS Anglican Church of IndiaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1965  Association of Independent Methodists MethodistJohn and Charles Wesley
1965  Christ Catholic Ch of America & Europe: D BostonDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1965  Old Catholic Church in Bosnia & HerzegovinaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1965  Old Roman Catholic Apostolic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1964  American Orthodox Catholic Church (AD N&S America)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1964  Lutheran Churches of the Reformation LutheranMartin Luther
1964  Orthodox Old Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1964  United Old Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1964  Vrai Eglise CatholiqueDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1963  Alexandrian Orthodox Church in AmericaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1963  Anglican Orthodox ChurchJames Parker DeesAnglicanKing Henry VIII

1963  Anglican Orthodox Church of North AmericaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1963  Episcopal Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of AmericaJames Parker DeesEpiscopalSamuel Seabury and Anglican Clergy after the American Revolution
1963  Holy Apostolic Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1962  Association of Free Lutheran Congregations, The LutheranMartin Luther
1962  Church of the EastDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1962  Full gospel Fellowship Churches and Ministers, InternationalGordon LindseyPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour

1962  Southern Episcopal ChurchB.H. Webster and othersEpiscopalSamuel Seabury and Anglican Clergy after the American Revolution
1961  A'lmoner." Generale Indep Mixle Orient-OccidentDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1961  American Orthodox Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1961  Igreja BrasileiraDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1961  Orthodox Church of SardiniaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1961  Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.Martin Luther King Jr (in a way)BaptistJohn Smyth

1961  Santa Iglesia Catolica Aposioiica Oriodoxa de PRDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1961  St Thomas Evangelical Church of IndiaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1961  Unitarian Universalist AssociationMany ReformersOther

1960  Church of the Lutheran ConfessionClergy and LaypeopleLutheranMartin Luther
1960  Eglise Vieille Catholique Romaine en FranceDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1960  Gnostic Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1960  Old Roman Catholic Church (Orthodox Orders)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1960  Reformed Baptist Church BaptistJohn Smyth
1959  Brotherhood oflhe Blessed SacramentDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1959  Christ Orthodox Cath Exarchate ofAmericas & EuropeDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1959  Eglise Catholique Gallicane AulocephaleDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1959  Ethiopian Evangelical Church Makane YesusDr. Emanuel G/Selassie (1st President)LutheranMartin Luther

1959  Pentecostal Free Will baptist Church, Inc.PentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1959  United Episcopal Ch (Christian Cath/Church Universal)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1958  Hochkirche in OsterreichDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1958  North American (Old Roman) Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1958  Old Roman Catholic Church in North AmericaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1957  Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Worldwide, IncSmallwood Edmond WilliamsPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour

1957  Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch (Archdiocese of the USA and Canada)OrthodoxPatriarchs
1957  United Church of Christ CongregationalRobert Brown
1956  Eglise Calh Apost Primitive d'Antioche OrthodoxeDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1956  Indian Orthodox Church; Patriarchate of IndiaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1956  Saintc Eglise Apostolique Orth Celtique en BretagneDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1956  True Orthodox Christian WanderersDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1955  Bible Missionary ChurchGlen GriffithOther
1955  Congrational Christian Churches (National Association)CongregationalRobert Brown
1955  Indian National ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1955  National Association of Congregational Christian Churches Other
1955  Old Holy Catholic Church (Church of the One Life)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1955  Saintc Eglise ApostofiqucDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1955  Sainte Eglise Catholique Gallicane AurocephaleDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1955  Universal Apostolic Church of LifeDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1954  Reformed or Soereign Grace BaptistsBaptistJohn Smyth

1954  Sovereign Grace Believers BaptistJohn Smyth
1954  Unification ChurchSun Myung MoonOther
1953  Eglise Gnostique ApostoliqueDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1953  United Orthodox CatholicateDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1952  Assemblies of the Lord Jesus ChristPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1952  Eglise Orthodoxe Gallicane AutocephaleDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1952  Free Holy Catholic Church o(" England (D Mcrcia)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1952  Old Roman Catholic Church (D Niagara Falls)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1952  Prc-Nicene Gnostic Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1951  Ancient Aposiofic Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1951  Apostolic Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1951  Eglise Catholique Apostolique de FranceDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1951  Eglise Catholique de FranceDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1951  Eglise du Christ-Roi RenoveeDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1951  Primitive Church ofAntiochDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1950  All Nations Reformed Orthodox Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1950  Apostolic Polish Catholic Church of CanadaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1950  Baptist Bible Fellowship, International100 Baptist MinistersFundamentalist-BibleJohn Nelson Darby, Dwight Moody, Cyrus Scofield, J. Gresham Machen

1950  Baptist Missionary Association of America Fundamentalist-BibleJohn Nelson Darby, Dwight Moody, Cyrus Scofield, J. Gresham Machen
1950  Deliverance Evangelistic Centers, Inc.Arturo SkinnerEvangelicalHenry Ward Beecher, Phillips Brooks, Josiah Strong, Russell Conwell, Dwight Moody
1950  Egfise Cathoiique Apostolique et Gallicane AutocephafeDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1950  English Onhododo^ ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1950  Evangelical Free Church of America, TheSome ImmigrantsBrethren and PietistJakob Philip Spener
1950  Free Citiholic Church in GermanyDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1950  General Council Churches of God (7th Day) Other
1950  International Council of Community ChurchesChristian (Stone-Campbell Movement)Thomas Campbell
1950  Liberal Christian Episcopal ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1950  New Catholic and Free ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1950  Old Roman Catholic Church (English Rite)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1950  Orthodox EcclesiaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1950  Reformed Catholic Church (Utrecht Confession)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1950  South African Episcopal ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1949  Altromisch-Kaiholische Kirche von DeutschlandDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1948  Christian Church of North America, The General CouncilLuigi FrancesconPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1948  Conservative Congregational Christian ConferenceHB SandineCongregationalRobert Brown
1948  English (Old Roman Catholic) RiteDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1948  Lutheran Episcopal Church of EnglandDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1947  Berean Fundamental ChurchDr. Ivan E. OlsenFundamentalist-BibleJohn Nelson Darby, Dwight Moody, Cyrus Scofield, J. Gresham Machen
1947  Conservative Baptist of America (CBAmerica)Active Fundamental Fellowshipers Fundamentalist-BibleJohn Nelson Darby, Dwight Moody, Cyrus Scofield, J. Gresham Machen

1947  Eglise Catholique du Rite DominicainDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1947  Elim FellowshipIvan and Minnie SpencerPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1947  English Episcopal ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1947  Liberal Catholic Church (California)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1947  Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1947  Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Democratic)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1946  [glesia Catolica Aposlolica VenezolanaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1946  Ancient Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1946  Canadian Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1946  Eastern Apostolic Episcopal ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1946  Evangelical Methodist ChurchMethodistJohn and Charles Wesley
1946  Evangelical Methodist ConferenceD W.W. BreckbillEvangelicalHenry Ward Beecher, Phillips Brooks, Josiah Strong, Russell Conwell, Dwight Moody

1946  Independent Church of Filipino ChristiansDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1946  Independent Episcopal Church of the US & CanadaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1946  Old Catholic Church of PolandDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1945  (greja Catolica Apostolica BrasileiraDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1945  Byelorussian Autocephalic Orthodox ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1945  Old Catholic Church of HungaryDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1945  United Pentecostal Church International PentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1944  American Evangelical Christian Churches Fundamentalist-BibleJohn Nelson Darby, Dwight Moody, Cyrus Scofield, J. Gresham Machen
1944  Catholic Apostolic Church (Catholicate of the West)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1944  Grace Gospel FellowshipSome Berean Bible PastorsFundamentalist-BibleJohn Nelson Darby, Dwight Moody, Cyrus Scofield, J. Gresham Machen
1943  American Episcopal Church (ACC)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1943  Ancient Universal Orthodox Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1943  Protestant Orthodox Western ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1942  American National Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1942  Byzantine American ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1942  Coptic Orthodox Church ApostolicDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1942  Reformed Church in the United States Reformed
1940  Egiises Catholiques Apostoliques Orthodoxes d'OccideniDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1940  Old Catholic Archdiocese for Americas & EuropeDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1939  Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches Brethren and PietistJakob Philip Spener
1939  Southern Methodist Church, The MethodistJohn and Charles Wesley

1938  African Orthodox Ch of New York & MassachusettsDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1938  Afro-American Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1938  American Carpatho-Russian Orthodoc Greek Catholic ChurchOrthodoxPatriarchs

1938  Bible Presbyterian ChurchJ. Gresham Machen (influence)Fundamentalist-BibleJohn Nelson Darby, Dwight Moody, Cyrus Scofield, J. Gresham Machen
1938  Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox ChurchOrthodoxPatriarchs
1938  Eglise Chrisnque PrimitiveDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1937  Ancient British Church (Agnostic)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1937  Eglise Primitive Catholique et ApostoliqiieDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1936  Igreja Caiolica Livre no BrasilDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1936  Mariavite Church of Ancient Cathofic RiteDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1936  Orthodox Presbyterian ChurchJ. Gresham Machen (influence)Calvinist-PresbyterianJohn Knox and John Calvin
1935  Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of ToledoDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1935  Apostolic Church of St PeterDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1935  AUL o'nomous African Universal ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1935  Autonomous British Eastern ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1935  British Orthodox Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1935  Eglise Catholique Apostolique GallicaneDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1935  Iglesia Catolica Romana AntiguaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1935  National Association of Free Will Baptists, Inc.Paul Palmer(1727), Benjamin Randal (1780) BaptistJohn Smyth
1935  Open Bible Standard Churches, Inc.Fred Hornshuh, John RicheyPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1935  Orthodox-Keltic Church of British Commonwealth of NDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1934  Association of Seventh Day Pentecostal Assemblies PentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1933  Catholic Christian ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1933  Church of God (7th Day), TheOther

1933  God's Missionary ChurchWilliam Staub and Daniel DubendorfOther
1933  Hungarian Orthodox Greek Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1933  Orthodox Caiholic Patriarchate of AmericaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1933  Worldwide Church of GodHerbert W. ArmstrongOther
1932  American Holy Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Eastern ChDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1932  General Association of General BaptistsBenoni StinsonBaptistJohn Smyth

1932  General Association of Regular Baptist Churches BaptistJohn Smyth
1931  Universal Christian CommunionDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1930  Branch DavidiansVictor T HouteffAdventistWilliam Miller

1930  Catholic Church of AmericaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1930  Communion Evangelica Caiholica EucharisticaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1930  Free Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1930  Independent Fundamental Churches of AmericaReps of various independent churchesFundamentalist-BibleJohn Nelson Darby, Dwight Moody, Cyrus Scofield, J. Gresham Machen
1930  National Catholic Apostolic Church of the PhilippinesDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1929  Holy Catholic Church of the Apostles in D LouisianaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1929  Orthodox Catholic Church in EnglandDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1929  Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of AmericaOrthodoxPatriarchs
1927  American Catholic Church (Archdiocese of New York)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1927  American Old Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1927  Beachy Amish Mennonite ChurchesMoses M. BeachyMennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons
1927  Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church in AmericaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1927  Evangelical Catholic Church or Mew YorkDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1927  Holy Eastern Orthodox and Apostolic Church in North America, Inc.OrthodoxPatriarchs
1927  True Orthodox ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1926  Holy Orth Ch in America (Eastern Catholic & Apostolic)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1926  Iglesia Ortodoxa Catolica Apostolica MexicanaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1926  Protestant Reformed ChurchesHerman Hoeksema and some other deposed pastorsReformed

1925  Apostolic Episcopal ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1925  Holy Orthodox Church in AmericaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1925  Old Catholic Orthodox ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1925  Old Catholic Orthodox Church (Apostolic Service Ch)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1925  Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement AdventistWilliam Miller
1924  Authenlic Old Calendar Greek Orthodox ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1924  Eglise Cathotique Orthodoxe de FranceDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1924  Hungarian reformed Church in AmericaReformed
1924  International Evangelical Church of the Soldiers of the Cross of ChristErnest Williams SellersEvangelicalHenry Ward Beecher, Phillips Brooks, Josiah Strong, Russell Conwell, Dwight Moody

1924  Mount Sinai Holy Church of America, IncBishop Ida RobinsonPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1924  Old Catholic Evangelical Church of GodDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1924  Ukranian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A.OrthodoxPatriarchs

1923  Church of God of ProphecyAJ TomlinsonPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1923  Creation Old Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1922  Assemblies of God International FellowshipBM Johnson, AA HolmgrenPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour

1922  Christian Community (Anthroposophical Society)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1922  E'.angelic>il Church ol EnglandDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1922  Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North AmericaOrthodoxPatriarchs

1922  Independent Assemblies of God International PentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1922  Independent Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1922  Russian Orthodox Living ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1922  Turkish Orthodox Church: P IstanbulDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1921  African Orthodox ChurchGeorge Alexander McGuireOrthodoxPatriarchs
1921  Church of God General Conference (Abrahamic Faith) AdventistWilliam Miller

1921  Congregational Holiness Church PentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1921  Serbian Eastern Orthodox ChurchOrthodoxPatriarchs
1920  Bruderhof CommunitiesEberhard ArnoldMennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons

1920  Bruderhof Communities, Inc.Eberhard ArnoldOther
1920  Church of God of the Union Assembly, TheC.T. PrattOther
1920  Church(es) of Christ, The Other

1920  Czechoslovak Hussite ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1920  Episcopal Orthodox Church (Greek Communion)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1920  Polish Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1920  Russian Orthodox Church Outside of RussiaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1919  Albanian Orthodox ChurchOrthodoxPatriarchs
1919  Church Catholic, The (The Sanctuary)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1919  Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic FaithRobert C. LawsonPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1919  Pentecostal Church of God, Inc.Charles Fox (roots)PentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1919  Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USADisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1918  Evangelical Lutheran SynodSome ImmigrantsLutheranMartin Luther
1918  Old Catholic Church In PortugalDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1918  Ukrainian Greek-Orthodox Church of CanadaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1917  Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church LutheranMartin Luther
1917  International Church of the Foursquare GospelAimee Semple McPhersonPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1917  Liberal Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1917  Old Catholic Ch in America (Catholic Ch of North A)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1916  Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of GodW.T. PhilipsHolinessPhoebe Palmer
1916  Free Gospel Church, Inc. Other

1916  Old Catholic Church in IrelandDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1915  American Caihofic Church (Syro-Antiochian)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1915  Old Roman Catholic Church (Pro-Uniate Rite)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1914  American Catholic Church (Wesiern Orthodox)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1914  Assemblies of God InternationalPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1914  Church of God by Faith, Inc.Crawford Bright, John Bright, Aaron Matthews, Nathaniel Scrippes.Other

1914  Church of God of the Apostolic Faith Other
1914  Eglisc Gnostique de FranceDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1914  General Council of the Assemblies of God, TheFormer pastors of evangelical persuasionPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour

1913  American Rescue Workers Salvation ArmyWilliam Booth
1913  Church of God (Evening Light)Daniel WarnerOther
1912  North American Old Roman Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1911  International Pentecostal Holiness ChurchGB CashwellPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1910  Conservative Mennonite ConferenceFive Amish MinistersMennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons
1910  Regular (Old Line) Primitive Baptists BaptistJohn Smyth

1909  Church of Christ in Christian Union5 Ministers and Several lay Christian Union membersHolinessPhoebe Palmer
1909  Churches of Christ in Christian UnionA Group of MinistersOther
1908  Church of the NazarenePhineas F. BreseeHolinessPhoebe Palmer

1908  Old Roman Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1907  Apostolic Faith ChurchFlorence L. CrawfordHolinessPhoebe Palmer
1907  National Primitive Baptist ConventionBaptistJohn Smyth

1907  Netherlands Reformed Congregations in North AmericaGH KerstenReformed
1907  Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.GT Haywood, Sam GrimesPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1906  Church of ChristChristian (Stone-Campbell Movement)Thomas Campbell

1906  Old Catholic Mariavite Church of PolandDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1905  American Baptist Association BaptistJohn Smyth
1903  Church of God, TheA.J. TomlinsonOther

1903  Church of the Living God, The Pillar and Ground of the Truth, Inc.Mary Lena Lewis-TatePentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1903  Evangelical Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1903  House of God Which Is the Church of the Living God the Pillar and Ground of Truth Without Controversy, Inc. Keith Dominion, TheMary Magdalena Tate and her sons Walter Curtis and Felix LewisOther

1903  Unity of the BrethrenBrethren and PietistJakob Philip Spener
1902  Friends United Meeting Friends (Quaker)George Fox
1902  Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ, InternationalElias Dempsey SmithHolinessPhoebe Palmer

1901  Philippine Church (Adarnista)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1901  Pillar of FireAlma WhiteMethodistJohn and Charles Wesley
1900  Chiesa Episcopale Nazionale ItaiianaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1900  Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America5 Independent Lutheran CongregationsLutheranMartin Luther
1899  National Missionary Baptist Convention of AmericaBaptistJohn Smyth
1898  Amended Christadelphians (Brethren in Christ)John ThomasOther

1898  Divine ScienceThe 4 Brooks SistersOther
1897  Church of Christ (No Sunday School) Other
1897  Church of God in ChristCharles Mason, Charles JonesPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour

1897  Free Protestant Episcopal ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1897  Pilgrim Holiness Church of New York, Inc. HolinessPhoebe Palmer
1896  Christian Catholic ChurchJohn Alexander DowiePentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour

1896  Church of God and Saints of ChristWilliam Saunders CrowdyChristian (Stone-Campbell Movement)Thomas Campbell
1896  Church of God and Saints of Christ (Ohio)William Saunders CrowdyChristian (Stone-Campbell Movement)Thomas Campbell
1896  Volunteers of America, Inc.Ballington and Maud BoothSalvation ArmyWilliam Booth

1895  National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.BaptistJohn Smyth
1895  National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc.BaptistJohn Smyth
1894  Church of Christ (Holiness) of the United States of AmericaC.P. JonesHolinessPhoebe Palmer

1894  Evangelical Congregational ChurchJacob Albright (sort of)MethodistJohn and Charles Wesley
1892  Old Catholic Church (Vilaite)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1890  Bible Holiness Church Other

1890  Christian Pilgrim Church HolinessPhoebe Palmer
1890  Egfise Universelle Gnostique en FranceDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1890  Philippine Independent ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1890  United Armenian Catholic Church in the British IslesDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1889  Church of the Living God, Christian Workers for FellowshipPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1889  Fellowship of Evangelical Bible ChurchesSome ImmigrantsMennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons

1887  Christ's Sanctified Holy ChurchJoseph Lynch and Sarah Collins and 50 othersOther
1887  Christian and Missionary AllianceA.B. SimpsonFundamentalist-BibleJohn Nelson Darby, Dwight Moody, Cyrus Scofield, J. Gresham Machen
1887  Christian Congregation, Inc.Barton StoneChristian (Stone-Campbell Movement)Thomas Campbell

1886  Church of GodFormer MethodistsHolinessPhoebe Palmer
1886  Church of God (Cleveland. TN)Richard SpurlingPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour
1886  United Holy Church of AmericaPentecostalCharles Fox Parham and William Seymour

1886  Unity School of Christainity and Asociation of Unity ChurchesCharles FillmoreOther
1885  Evangelical Covenant ChurchSome ImmigrantsBrethren and PietistJakob Philip Spener
1884  General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day) Other

1883  Eglise Catholique Francaise (Eglise Gallicane)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1883  Missionary Church, Inc Other
1882  Brethren Church (Ashland, OH), TheAlexander Mack (roots)Brethren and PietistJakob Philip Spener

1882  Chiesa Catiolica Nazionale d'ltaliaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1881  Chiesa Catiolica Riformata d'llaliaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1881  Church of God (Anderson, IN), The Brethren and PietistJakob Philip Spener

1881  Old German Baptist Brethren (Old Order Dunkers)Alexander MackBrethren and PietistJakob Philip Spener
1880  Igjesia Espanola Reformada EpiscopalDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1880  Salvation ArmyWilliam BoothSalvation ArmyWilliam Booth

1879  Church of Christ, Scientist (Christian Science)Mary Baker EddyChristian (Stone-Campbell Movement)Thomas Campbell
1874  Jehovah WitnessCharles Taze RussellJehovah WitnessCharles Taze Russell
1873  Nazarene Episcopal EcclcsiaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1873  Reformed Episcopal ChurchGeorge CumminsEpiscopalSamuel Seabury and Anglican Clergy after the American Revolution
1873  Reformed Episcopal Church in AmericaGeorge CumminsEpiscopalSamuel Seabury and Anglican Clergy after the American Revolution
1872  Apostolic Lutheran Church of AmericaSolomon KorteneimiLutheranMartin Luther

1872  Old order (Wisler) Mennonite ChurchesJacob WislerMennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons
1871  Igreja Lusitana Catolica Apostolica EvangelicaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1870  Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, The MethodistJohn and Charles Wesley

1870  Hutterian Brethren of North America Hutterian
1867  Church of Christ (Temple Lot)Granville HedrickLatter-day Saints (Mormons)Joseph Smith
1866  Independent Catholic Church of Ceylon. Goa & IndiaDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1865  Evangelical Mennonite Church, Inc.Henry EglyMennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons
1865  North American Baptist Conference BaptistJohn Smyth
1863  Church of God (7th Day) Salem, WVGilbert CrannerAdventistWilliam Miller

1862  National Organization of the New Apostolic Church of North AmericaEdwin Irving after the factEpiscopalSamuel Seabury and Anglican Clergy after the American Revolution
1861  Eglise Orthodoxe Apostolique HaitienneDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1860  Advent Christian ChurchGeorge Storrs, Charles HudsenAdventistWilliam Miller

1860  Advent Christian General ConferenceWilliam MillerEvangelicalHenry Ward Beecher, Phillips Brooks, Josiah Strong, Russell Conwell, Dwight Moody
1860  Free Methodist Church of North AmericaB.T. RobertsMethodistJohn and Charles Wesley
1860  Old Ritualist Ancient Orthodox ChristiansDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1859  Church of God in Christ, MennoniteJohn HolemanMennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons
1858  Bible Fellowship ChurchSome Mennonite LeadersFundamentalist-BibleJohn Nelson Darby, Dwight Moody, Cyrus Scofield, J. Gresham Machen
1857  Christian Reformed Church in North America Reformed

1857  Minnesota Baptist BaptistJohn Smyth
1852  Baptist General ConferenceGustaf PalmquistBaptistJohn Smyth
1852  Congregational Methodist Church MethodistJohn and Charles Wesley

1850  Chiesa Canohca NazionaleDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1850  Plymouth Brethren (Tunbridge Wells) Other
1850  Unamended ChristadelphiansJohn ThomasOther

1850  Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran SynodSome German ImmigrantsLutheranMartin Luther
1849  New England Evangelical Baptist Fellowship BaptistJohn Smyth
1848  Free Anglo-Catholic ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1847  Apostolic Christian Church of AmericaBenedict WeyenethHolinessPhoebe Palmer
1847  Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS), TheSome German ImmigrantsLutheranMartin Luther
1845  American Baptist Churches USA BaptistJohn Smyth

1845  Katholische Kirche in DeutschlandDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1845  Religious Society of Friends (conservative)Joseph Gurney and John WilburFriends (Quaker)George Fox
1845  Seventh-day Adventist ChurchJoseph Bates and othersAdventistWilliam Miller

1845  Southern Baptist Convention BaptistJohn Smyth
1844  ChristadelphiansJohn ThomasChristian (Stone-Campbell Movement)Thomas Campbell
1844  Free Church or EnglandDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1843  Mar Thoma Syrian Church of MalabarDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1843  Wesleyan Church, TheOrange ScottHolinessPhoebe Palmer
1840  Primitive Methodist ChurchHugh Borne, William ClowesMethodistJohn and Charles Wesley

1839  Eglise VintrassicnneDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1831  Eglise Catholique Frani;aise (Mgr Chatel)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1830  Christian Churches and Churches of ChristBarton Stone and Thomas CambelChristian (Stone-Campbell Movement)Thomas Campbell

1830  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsJoseph SmithLatter-day Saints (Mormons)Joseph Smith
1827  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)Alexander CampbellChristian (Stone-Campbell Movement)Thomas Campbell
1827  Primitive Baptist BaptistJohn Smyth

1820  Christian Brethren (Plymouth Brethren)Fundamentalist-BibleJohn Nelson Darby, Dwight Moody, Cyrus Scofield, J. Gresham Machen
1820  Friends General ConferenceElias HicksFriends (Quaker)George Fox
1814  African Methodist Episcopal ChurchRichard AllenMethodistJohn and Charles Wesley

1813  Evangelical Friends Church, TheGeorge Fox (roots)Friends (Quaker)George Fox
1810  Cumberland Presbyterian ChurchFinis Ewing, Sam King, Sam McAdowCalvinist-PresbyterianJohn Knox and John Calvin
1809  Reformed Presbyterian Church in North AmericaCalvinist-PresbyterianJohn Knox and John Calvin

1803  Eglise Johannite des Chretiens PrimitifsDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1802  Seventh Day Baptist General ConferencesStephen and Ann MumfordBaptistJohn Smyth
1801  Petite Eglise (Vendeenne)Disputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1796  African Methodist Episcopal Zion ChurchJames VarickMethodistJohn and Charles Wesley
1792  Reformed Church in America Reformed
1790  Eglise Constitulionnelle de FranceDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1790  General Association of Separate Baptists, The BaptistJohn Smyth
1789  Episcopal Church, The EpiscopalSamuel Seabury and Anglican Clergy after the American Revolution
1782  Associate Reformed Presbyterian ChurchJohn Knox (Roots)Calvinist-PresbyterianJohn Knox and John Calvin

1782  Schwenkfelder ChurchOther
1778  Brethren in Christ ChurchPhillip Otterbein and Martin Boehm (influence)Brethren and PietistJakob Philip Spener
1771  Independent Syrian Church of MalabarDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1767  Church of the United Brethren in ChristPhillip Otterbein and Martin Boehm (influence)Brethren and PietistJakob Philip Spener
1720  Old Order Amish ChurchesMennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons
1708  Church of the Brethren5 men and 3 women Brethren and PietistJakob Philip Spener

1700  Seperate Baptists in ChristBaptistJohn Smyth
1693  AmishMennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons
1666  Old Ritualist Church of Belokrinitsa ConcordDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany

1647  QuakersGeorge FoxFriends (Quaker)George Fox
1582  CongregationalRobert BrownCongregationalRobert Brown
1560  PresbyterianJohn KnoxCalvinist-PresbyterianJohn Knox and John Calvin

1555  CalvinistsJohn CalvinCalvinist-PresbyterianJohn Knox and John Calvin
1535  General Conference Mennonite Church Mennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons
1534  AnglicanKing Henry VIIIAnglicanKing Henry VIII

1530  General Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, TheMenno SimonsMennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons
1530  Hutterian Brethren Church (Lehrerleut)Jacob HunterHutterian
1525  Mennonite ChurchMenno SimonsMennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons

1522  AnabaptistsConrad GrebelMennonite(Anabaptists)Menno Simons
1517  LutheranMartin LutherLutheranMartin Luther
1457  Moravian Church inJohn HusBrethren and PietistJakob Philip Spener

1074  Ancient British ChurchDisputed Apostolic AuthorityMany
1054  Armenian Church, ThePatriarchsOrthodoxPatriarchs
1054  OrthodoxPatriarchOrthodoxPatriarchs

785  AdoptionistsElipandusEarly Century SectsMany
723  IconoclastsLeo the IssaurianEarly Century SectsMany
650  PauliciansSilvanusEarly Century SectsMany

620  MonothelitesSergiusEarly Century SectsMany
489  JoviniansJovinianusEarly Century SectsMany
445  MonophysitesEutychesEarly Century SectsMany

440  PredestinariansLicidusEarly Century SectsMany
425  NestoriansNestoriusEarly Century SectsMany
415  SemipelagiansUnknownEarly Century SectsMany

409  PelagiansPelagiusEarly Century SectsMany
399  VigilantiansVigilantiusEarly Century SectsMany
395  ElvidiansElvidiusEarly Century SectsMany

395  PriscillianistsMark of Memphis, EgyptEarly Century SectsMany
390  ApollinaristsApollinarisEarly Century SectsMany
363  AeriansAeriusEarly Century SectsMany

360  MassaliansAdelphusEarly Century SectsMany
355  MacedoniansMacedoniusEarly Century SectsMany
320  AriansAriusEarly Century SectsMany

312  AudeansAudaeusEarly Century SectsMany
310  DonatistsDonatusEarly Century SectsMany
295  MillenariansNiposEarly Century SectsMany

280  ManicheansManesEarly Century SectsMany
251  NovatiansNovatusEarly Century SectsMany
250  OrigenistsClaimed OrigenEarly Century SectsMany

220  TertullianistsClaimed TertullianEarly Century SectsMany
195  AdoptionistsThoedotusEarly Century SectsMany
190  AntidicomarianitesUnknownEarly Century SectsMany

190  MonarchiansEarly Century SectsMany
185  AlogiUnknownEarly Century SectsMany
185  EncratitesTatian & SeverusEarly Century SectsMany

180  MontanistsMontanusEarly Century SectsMany
175  DocetaeJulius CassianusEarly Century SectsMany
175  EbionitesEbionEarly Century SectsMany

160  CerdoniansCerdoEarly Century SectsMany
160  MarcionitesMarcionEarly Century SectsMany
140  ValentiniansValentineEarly Century SectsMany

138  CarpocrationsCarpocratesEarly Century SectsMany
120  BasilidiansBasilidesEarly Century SectsMany
75  CerinthiansCerinthusEarly Century SectsMany

50  SimoniansSima MagusEarly Century SectsMany
33  Catholic ChurchJesus ChristCatholic ChurchJesus Christ