100 Baptist Ministers1950  Baptist Bible Fellowship, International
5 Independent Lutheran Congregations1900  Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America
5 men and 3 women 1708  Church of the Brethren

5 Ministers and Several lay Christian Union members1909  Church of Christ in Christian Union
A Group of Ministers1909  Churches of Christ in Christian Union
A.B. Simpson1887  Christian and Missionary Alliance

A.J. Tomlinson1903  Church of God, The
Active Fundamental Fellowshipers 1947  Conservative Baptist of America (CBAmerica)
Adelphus360  Massalians

Aerius363  Aerians
Aimee Semple McPherson1917  International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
AJ Tomlinson1923  Church of God of Prophecy

Alexander Campbell1827  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Alexander Mack1881  Old German Baptist Brethren (Old Order Dunkers)
Alexander Mack (roots)1882  Brethren Church (Ashland, OH), The

Alma White1901  Pillar of Fire
Apollinaris390  Apollinarists
Archbiship Marcel Lefebvre1969  Society of Saint Pius X

Arius320  Arians
Arturo Skinner1950  Deliverance Evangelistic Centers, Inc.
Audaeus312  Audeans

Austin Randolf Adler1992  International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church
B.H. Webster and others1962  Southern Episcopal Church
B.T. Roberts1860  Free Methodist Church of North America

Ballington and Maud Booth1896  Volunteers of America, Inc.
Barton Stone1887  Christian Congregation, Inc.
Barton Stone and Thomas Cambel1830  Christian Churches and Churches of Christ

Basilides120  Basilidians
Benedict Weyeneth1847  Apostolic Christian Church of America
Benoni Stinson1932  General Association of General Baptists

Bishop Ida Robinson1924  Mount Sinai Holy Church of America, Inc
BM Johnson, AA Holmgren1922  Assemblies of God International Fellowship
C.P. Jones1894  Church of Christ (Holiness) of the United States of America

C.T. Pratt1920  Church of God of the Union Assembly, The
Carl O'Beirn1970  Church of God (O'Beirn), The
Carpocrates138  Carpocrations

Cerdo160  Cerdonians
Cerinthus75  Cerinthians
Charles Fillmore1886  Unity School of Christainity and Asociation of Unity Churches

Charles Fox (roots)1919  Pentecostal Church of God, Inc.
Charles Mason, Charles Jones1897  Church of God in Christ
Charles Taze Russell1874  Jehovah Witness

Chicago Hall1992  Charismatic Episcopal Church
Claimed Origen250  Origenists
Claimed Tertullian220  Tertullianists

Clarence Robinson1982  Full Gospel Evangelistic Association
Clergy and Laypeople1960  Church of the Lutheran Confession
Conrad Grebel1522  Anabaptists

Crawford Bright, John Bright, Aaron Matthews, Nathaniel Scrippes.1914  Church of God by Faith, Inc.
D W.W. Breckbill1946  Evangelical Methodist Conference
Daniel Warner1913  Church of God (Evening Light)

Donald Ned Hicks1973  Independent Christian Churches, International
Donatus310  Donatists
Dr. Emanuel G/Selassie (1st President)1959  Ethiopian Evangelical Church Makane Yesus

Dr. Ivan E. Olsen1947  Berean Fundamental Church
Eberhard Arnold1920  Bruderhof Communities
Eberhard Arnold1920  Bruderhof Communities, Inc.

Ebion175  Ebionites
Edwin Irving after the fact1862  National Organization of the New Apostolic Church of North America
Elias Dempsey Smith1902  Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ, International

Elias Hicks1820  Friends General Conference
Elipandus785  Adoptionists
Elvidius395  Elvidians

Ernest Williams Sellers1924  International Evangelical Church of the Soldiers of the Cross of Christ
Eutyches445  Monophysites
Finis Ewing, Sam King, Sam McAdow1810  Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Five Amish Ministers1910  Conservative Mennonite Conference
Florence L. Crawford1907  Apostolic Faith Church
Former Methodists1886  Church of God

Former pastors of evangelical persuasion1914  General Council of the Assemblies of God, The
Fred Hornshuh, John Richey1935  Open Bible Standard Churches, Inc.
Garner Ted Armstrond1970  Church of God International

GB Cashwell1911  International Pentecostal Holiness Church
George Alexander McGuire1921  African Orthodox Church
George Cummins1873  Reformed Episcopal Church

George Cummins1873  Reformed Episcopal Church in America
George Fox1647  Quakers
George Fox (roots)1813  Evangelical Friends Church, The

George Storrs, Charles Hudsen1860  Advent Christian Church
GH Kersten1907  Netherlands Reformed Congregations in North America
Gilbert Cranner1863  Church of God (7th Day) Salem, WV

Glen Griffith1955  Bible Missionary Church
Gordon Lindsey1962  Full gospel Fellowship Churches and Ministers, International
Gordon Ritchie2000  Lords Witnesses

Granville Hedrick1867  Church of Christ (Temple Lot)
GT Haywood, Sam Grimes1907  Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.
Gustaf Palmquist1852  Baptist General Conference

HB Sandine1948  Conservative Congregational Christian Conference
Henry Egly1865  Evangelical Mennonite Church, Inc.
Herbert W. Armstrong1933  Worldwide Church of God

Herman Hoeksema and some other deposed pastors1926  Protestant Reformed Churches
Hugh Borne, William Clowes1840  Primitive Methodist Church
Ivan and Minnie Spencer1947  Elim Fellowship

J. Gresham Machen (influence)1936  Orthodox Presbyterian Church
J. Gresham Machen (influence)1938  Bible Presbyterian Church
Jacob Albright (sort of)1894  Evangelical Congregational Church

Jacob Hunter1530  Hutterian Brethren Church (Lehrerleut)
Jacob O. Meyer1966  Assemblies ofYahweh
Jacob Wisler1872  Old order (Wisler) Mennonite Churches

James Parker Dees1963  Episcopal Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of America
James Parker Dees1963  Anglican Orthodox Church
James Varick1796  African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

Jesus Christ33  Catholic Church
John Alexander Dowie1896  Christian Catholic Church
John Calvin1555  Calvinists

John Holeman1859  Church of God in Christ, Mennonite
John Hus1457  Moravian Church in
John Knox1560  Presbyterian

John Knox (Roots)1782  Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
John Thomas1898  Amended Christadelphians (Brethren in Christ)
John Thomas1844  Christadelphians

John Thomas1850  Unamended Christadelphians
John Wimber1983  Vineyard CHurches International
John Wimber1978  Association of Vineyard Churches

Joseph Bates and others1845  Seventh-day Adventist Church
Joseph Gurney and John Wilbur1845  Religious Society of Friends (conservative)
Joseph Lynch and Sarah Collins and 50 others1887  Christ's Sanctified Holy Church

Joseph Smith1830  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Jovinianus489  Jovinians
Julius Cassianus175  Docetae

King Henry VIII1534  Anglican
Larry Page and Sergey Brin2001  Googlism
Leo the Issaurian723  Iconoclasts

Licidus440  Predestinarians
Lots o Groups1988  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, The
Luigi Francescon1948  Christian Church of North America, The General Council

Lutheran Pastors and laymen1980  Conservative Lutheran Association
Macedonius355  Macedonians
Manes280  Manicheans

Many orgainizations1977  Continuing Anglican Churches
Many Reformers1961  Unitarian Universalist Association
Marcion160  Marcionites

Mark of Memphis, Egypt395  Priscillianists
Martin Luther1517  Lutheran
Martin Luther King Jr (in a way)1961  Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.

Mary Baker Eddy1879  Church of Christ, Scientist (Christian Science)
Mary Lena Lewis-Tate1903  Church of the Living God, The Pillar and Ground of the Truth, Inc.
Mary Magdalena Tate and her sons Walter Curtis and Felix Lewis1903  House of God Which Is the Church of the Living God the Pillar and Ground of Truth Without Controversy, Inc. Keith Dominion, The

Menno Simons1530  General Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, The
Menno Simons1525  Mennonite Church
Merge of many orgainizations2009  Anglican Communion in North America

Montanus180  Montanists
Moses M. Beachy1927  Beachy Amish Mennonite Churches
Moses T Weir1974  Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America

Nestorius425  Nestorians
Nipos295  Millenarians
Novatus251  Novatians

Orange Scott1843  Wesleyan Church, The
Patriarch1054  Orthodox
Patriarchs1054  Armenian Church, The

Paul Palmer(1727), Benjamin Randal (1780) 1935  National Association of Free Will Baptists, Inc.
Pelagius409  Pelagians
Phillip Otterbein and Martin Boehm (influence)1767  Church of the United Brethren in Christ

Phillip Otterbein and Martin Boehm (influence)1778  Brethren in Christ Church
Phineas F. Bresee1908  Church of the Nazarene
Reps of various independent churches1930  Independent Fundamental Churches of America

Richard Allen1814  African Methodist Episcopal Church
Richard G. Melli1992  Traditional Episcopal Church
Richard Spurling1886  Church of God (Cleveland. TN)

Robert Brown1582  Congregational
Robert C. Lawson1919  Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith
Sergius620  Monothelites

Silvanus650  Paulicians
Sima Magus50  Simonians
Smallwood Edmond Williams1957  Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Worldwide, Inc

Solomon Korteneimi1872  Apostolic Lutheran Church of America
Some Berean Bible Pastors1944  Grace Gospel Fellowship
Some Citizens of Indiana?1967  National Association of Holiness Churches

Some German Immigrants1847  Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS), The
Some German Immigrants1850  Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Some Immigrants1918  Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Some Immigrants1885  Evangelical Covenant Church
Some Immigrants1950  Evangelical Free Church of America, The
Some Immigrants1889  Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches

Some Mennonite Leaders1858  Bible Fellowship Church
Some Presbyterian Pastors and Elders1981  Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Stephen and Ann Mumford1802  Seventh Day Baptist General Conferences

Sun Myung Moon1954  Unification Church
TAG1977  PDI
Tatian & Severus185  Encratites

The 4 Brooks Sisters1898  Divine Science
Thoedotus195  Adoptionists
Troy D. Perry1970  Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches

Unknown185  Alogi
Unknown190  Antidicomarianites
Unknown415  Semipelagians

Valentine140  Valentinians
Victor T Houteff1930  Branch Davidians
Vigilantius399  Vigilantians

W.T. Philips1916  Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God
William Booth1880  Salvation Army
William Brown1975  Salvation and Deliverance Church

William Miller1860  Advent Christian General Conference
William Saunders Crowdy1896  Church of God and Saints of Christ
William Saunders Crowdy1896  Church of God and Saints of Christ (Ohio)

William Staub and Daniel Dubendorf1933  God's Missionary Church