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Larry Page and Sergey Brin
1901 Pentecostal

Charles Fox Parham and William Seymour
Church of God (Cleveland. TN)United Holy Church of AmericaChurch of the Living God, Christian Work...Christian Catholic ChurchChurch of God in ChristChurch of the Living God, The Pillar and...Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.International Pentecostal Holiness ChurchGeneral Council of the Assemblies of God, TheAssemblies of God InternationalInternational Church of the Foursquare GospelPentecostal Church of God, Inc.Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the A...Congregational Holiness ChurchIndependent Assemblies of God InternationalAssemblies of God International FellowshipChurch of God of ProphecyMount Sinai Holy Church of America, IncAssociation of Seventh Day Pentecostal A...Open Bible Standard Churches, Inc.United Pentecostal Church InternationalElim FellowshipChristian Church of North America, The G...Assemblies of the Lord Jesus ChristBible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Chris...Pentecostal Free Will baptist Church, Inc.Full gospel Fellowship Churches and Mini...International Pentecostal Church of ChristVineyard CHurches International
1874 Jehovah Witness

Charles Taze Russell
Jehovah WitnessLords Witnesses
1865 Salvation Army

William Booth
Salvation ArmyVolunteers of America, Inc.American Rescue Workers
1860 Evangelical

Henry Ward Beecher, Phillips Brooks, Josiah Strong, Russell Conwell, Dwight Moody
Advent Christian General ConferenceInternational Evangelical Church of the ...Evangelical Methodist ConferenceDeliverance Evangelistic Centers, Inc.Full Gospel Evangelistic Association
1837 Holiness

Phoebe Palmer
Wesleyan Church, TheApostolic Christian Church of AmericaChurch of GodChristian Pilgrim ChurchChurch of Christ (Holiness) of the Unite...Pilgrim Holiness Church of New York, Inc.Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in...Apostolic Faith ChurchChurch of the NazareneChurch of Christ in Christian UnionApostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God
1830 Latter-day Saints (Mormons)

Joseph Smith
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsChurch of Christ (Temple Lot)
1820 Fundamentalist-Bible

John Nelson Darby, Dwight Moody, Cyrus Scofield, J. Gresham Machen
Christian Brethren (Plymouth Brethren)Bible Fellowship ChurchChristian and Missionary AllianceIndependent Fundamental Churches of AmericaBible Presbyterian ChurchAmerican Evangelical Christian ChurchesGrace Gospel FellowshipBerean Fundamental ChurchConservative Baptist of America (CBAmerica)Baptist Bible Fellowship, InternationalBaptist Missionary Association of America
1816 Adventist

William Miller
Seventh-day Adventist ChurchAdvent Christian ChurchChurch of God (7th Day) Salem, WVChurch of God General Conference (Abraha...Seventh Day Adventist Reform MovementBranch Davidians
1809 Christian (Stone-Campbell Movement)

Thomas Campbell
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)Christian Churches and Churches of ChristChristadelphiansChurch of Christ, Scientist (Christian S...Christian Congregation, Inc.Church of God and Saints of ChristChurch of God and Saints of Christ (Ohio)Church of ChristInternational Council of Community Churches
1790 Reformed
Reformed Church in AmericaChristian Reformed Church in North AmericaNetherlands Reformed Congregations in No...Hungarian reformed Church in AmericaProtestant Reformed ChurchesReformed Church in the United States
1783 Episcopal

Samuel Seabury and Anglican Clergy after the American Revolution
Episcopal Church, TheNational Organization of the New Apostol...Reformed Episcopal ChurchReformed Episcopal Church in AmericaSouthern Episcopal ChurchEpiscopal Orthodox Christian Archdiocese...Anglican Catholic ChurchCharismatic Episcopal ChurchInternational Communion of the Charismat...Traditional Episcopal Church
1739 Methodist

John and Charles Wesley
African Methodist Episcopal Zion ChurchAfrican Methodist Episcopal ChurchPrimitive Methodist ChurchCongregational Methodist ChurchFree Methodist Church of North AmericaChristian Methodist Episcopal Church, TheEvangelical Congregational ChurchPillar of FireSouthern Methodist Church, TheEvangelical Methodist ChurchAssociation of Independent MethodistsAllegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection ...Evangelical Church of North AmericaUnited Methodist ChurchBible Methodist Connection of Churches
1700 Other
Schwenkfelder ChurchUnamended ChristadelphiansPlymouth Brethren (Tunbridge Wells)Missionary Church, IncGeneral Conference of the Church of God ...Unity School of Christainity and Asociat...Christ's Sanctified Holy ChurchBible Holiness ChurchChurch of Christ (No Sunday School)Amended Christadelphians (Brethren in Christ)Divine ScienceHouse of God Which Is the Church of the ...Church of God, TheChurches of Christ in Christian UnionChurch of God (Evening Light)Church of God by Faith, Inc.Church of God of the Apostolic FaithFree Gospel Church, Inc.Church of God of the Union Assembly, TheBruderhof Communities, Inc.Church(es) of Christ, TheChurch of God (7th Day), TheGod's Missionary ChurchWorldwide Church of GodGeneral Council Churches of God (7th Day)Unification ChurchNational Association of Congregational C...Bible Missionary ChurchUnitarian Universalist AssociationAssemblies ofYahwehNational Association of Holiness ChurchesChurch of God (O'Beirn), TheChurch of God InternationalUniversal Fellowship of Metropolitan Com...Independent Christian Churches, InternationalSalvation and Deliverance ChurchPDIAssociation of Vineyard Churches
1690 Brethren and Pietist

Jakob Philip Spener
Moravian Church inChurch of the BrethrenChurch of the United Brethren in ChristBrethren in Christ ChurchChurch of God (Anderson, IN), TheOld German Baptist Brethren (Old Order D...Brethren Church (Ashland, OH), TheEvangelical Covenant ChurchUnity of the BrethrenFellowship of Grace Brethren ChurchesEvangelical Free Church of America, The
1650 Friends (Quaker)

George Fox
QuakersEvangelical Friends Church, TheFriends General ConferenceReligious Society of Friends (conservative)Friends United Meeting
1605 Baptist

John Smyth
Seperate Baptists in ChristGeneral Association of Separate Baptists, TheSeventh Day Baptist General ConferencesPrimitive BaptistAmerican Baptist Churches USASouthern Baptist ConventionNew England Evangelical Baptist FellowshipBaptist General ConferenceMinnesota BaptistNorth American Baptist ConferenceNational Baptist Convention of America, Inc.National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc.National Missionary Baptist Convention o...American Baptist AssociationNational Primitive Baptist ConventionRegular (Old Line) Primitive BaptistsGeneral Association of General BaptistsGeneral Association of Regular Baptist C...National Association of Free Will Baptis...Reformed or Soereign Grace BaptistsSovereign Grace BelieversReformed Baptist ChurchProgressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.Alliance of Baptist ChurchesCooperative Baptist Fellowship
1582 Congregational

Robert Brown
CongregationalConservative Congregational Christian Co...Congrational Christian Churches (Nationa...United Church of Christ
1555 Calvinist-Presbyterian

John Knox and John Calvin
CalvinistsPresbyterianAssociate Reformed Presbyterian ChurchReformed Presbyterian Church in North AmericaCumberland Presbyterian ChurchOrthodox Presbyterian ChurchPresbyterian Church in America, TheCumberland Presbyterian Church in AmericaKorean-American Presbyterian ChurchEvangelical Presbyterian ChurchPresbyterian Church (USA)
1534 Anglican

King Henry VIII
AnglicanAnglican Orthodox ChurchContinuing Anglican ChurchesAnglican Communion in North America
1530 Hutterian
Hutterian Brethren Church (Lehrerleut)Hutterian Brethren of North America
1525 Mennonite(Anabaptists)

Menno Simons
AnabaptistsMennonite ChurchGeneral Conference of Mennonite Brethren...General Conference Mennonite ChurchAmishOld Order Amish ChurchesChurch of God in Christ, MennoniteEvangelical Mennonite Church, Inc.Old order (Wisler) Mennonite ChurchesFellowship of Evangelical Bible ChurchesConservative Mennonite ConferenceBruderhof CommunitiesBeachy Amish Mennonite ChurchesMissionary Church
1515 Lutheran

Martin Luther
LutheranLutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS), TheWisconsin Evangelical Lutheran SynodApostolic Lutheran Church of AmericaChurch of the Lutheran Brethren of AmericaEstonian Evangelical Lutheran ChurchEvangelical Lutheran SynodEthiopian Evangelical Church Makane YesusChurch of the Lutheran ConfessionAssociation of Free Lutheran Congregatio...Lutheran Churches of the ReformationConservative Lutheran AssociationAmerican Association of Lutheran ChurchesEvangelical Lutheran Church in America, The
1070 Disputed Apostolic Authority

Ancient British ChurchOld Ritualist Church of Belokrinitsa ConcordIndependent Syrian Church of MalabarEglise Constitulionnelle de FrancePetite Eglise (Vendeenne)Eglise Johannite des Chretiens PrimitifsEglise Catholique Frani;aise (Mgr Chatel)Eglise VintrassicnneMar Thoma Syrian Church of MalabarFree Church or EnglandKatholische Kirche in DeutschlandFree Anglo-Catholic ChurchChiesa Canohca NazionaleOld Ritualist Ancient Orthodox ChristiansEglise Orthodoxe Apostolique HaitienneIndependent Catholic Church of Ceylon. G...Igreja Lusitana Catolica Apostolica Evan...Nazarene Episcopal EcclcsiaIgjesia Espanola Reformada EpiscopalChiesa Catiolica Riformata d'llaliaChiesa Catiolica Nazionale d'ltaliaEglise Catholique Francaise (Eglise Gall...Egfise Universelle Gnostique en FrancePhilippine Independent ChurchUnited Armenian Catholic Church in the B...Old Catholic Church (Vilaite)Free Protestant Episcopal ChurchChiesa Episcopale Nazionale ItaiianaPhilippine Church (Adarnista)Evangelical Catholic ChurchOld Catholic Mariavite Church of PolandOld Roman Catholic ChurchNorth American Old Roman Catholic ChurchEglisc Gnostique de FranceAmerican Catholic Church (Wesiern Orthodox)American Caihofic Church (Syro-Antiochian)Old Roman Catholic Church (Pro-Uniate Rite)Old Catholic Church in IrelandOld Catholic Ch in America (Catholic Ch ...Liberal Catholic ChurchOld Catholic Church In PortugalUkrainian Greek-Orthodox Church of CanadaUkrainian Orthodox Church of the USAChurch Catholic, The (The Sanctuary)Czechoslovak Hussite ChurchEpiscopal Orthodox Church (Greek Communion)Polish Catholic ChurchRussian Orthodox Church Outside of RussiaRussian Orthodox Living ChurchTurkish Orthodox Church: P IstanbulIndependent Catholic ChurchE'.angelic>il Church ol EnglandChristian Community (Anthroposophical So...Creation Old Catholic ChurchAuthenlic Old Calendar Greek Orthodox ChurchOld Catholic Evangelical Church of GodEglise Cathotique Orthodoxe de FranceHoly Orthodox Church in AmericaOld Catholic Orthodox ChurchOld Catholic Orthodox Church (Apostolic ...Apostolic Episcopal ChurchHoly Orth Ch in America (Eastern Catholi...Iglesia Ortodoxa Catolica Apostolica MexicanaEvangelical Catholic Church or Mew YorkAmerican Catholic Church (Archdiocese of...American Old Catholic ChurchEastern Orthodox Catholic Church in AmericaTrue Orthodox ChurchOrthodox Catholic Church in EnglandHoly Catholic Church of the Apostles in ...Free Catholic ChurchNational Catholic Apostolic Church of th...Communion Evangelica Caiholica EucharisticaCatholic Church of AmericaUniversal Christian CommunionAmerican Holy Orthodox Catholic Apostoli...Catholic Christian ChurchHungarian Orthodox Greek Catholic ChurchOrthodox Caiholic Patriarchate of AmericaOrthodox-Keltic Church of British Common...Iglesia Catolica Romana AntiguaEglise Catholique Apostolique GallicaneAUL o'nomous African Universal ChurchAutonomous British Eastern ChurchBritish Orthodox Catholic ChurchAntiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of ToledoApostolic Church of St PeterMariavite Church of Ancient Cathofic RiteIgreja Caiolica Livre no BrasilEglise Primitive Catholique et ApostoliqiieAncient British Church (Agnostic)African Orthodox Ch of New York & Massac...Afro-American Catholic ChurchEglise Chrisnque PrimitiveOld Catholic Archdiocese for Americas & ...Egiises Catholiques Apostoliques Orthodo...Coptic Orthodox Church ApostolicAmerican National Catholic ChurchByzantine American ChurchAncient Universal Orthodox Catholic ChurchAmerican Episcopal Church (ACC)Protestant Orthodox Western ChurchCatholic Apostolic Church (Catholicate o...Byelorussian Autocephalic Orthodox Church(greja Catolica Apostolica BrasileiraOld Catholic Church of HungaryOld Catholic Church of PolandIndependent Church of Filipino ChristiansIndependent Episcopal Church of the US &...[glesia Catolica Aposlolica VenezolanaAncient Catholic ChurchCanadian Catholic ChurchEastern Apostolic Episcopal ChurchEglise Catholique du Rite DominicainLiberal Catholic Church (California)English Episcopal ChurchUkrainian Autocephalic Orthodox ChurchUkrainian Orthodox Church (Democratic)English (Old Roman Catholic) RiteLutheran Episcopal Church of EnglandAltromisch-Kaiholische Kirche von DeutschlandAll Nations Reformed Orthodox Catholic ChurchApostolic Polish Catholic Church of CanadaEgfise Cathoiique Apostolique et Gallica...Liberal Christian Episcopal ChurchNew Catholic and Free ChurchEnglish Onhododo^ ChurchFree Citiholic Church in GermanyReformed Catholic Church (Utrecht Confession)South African Episcopal ChurchOrthodox EcclesiaOld Roman Catholic Church (English Rite)Primitive Church ofAntiochEglise du Christ-Roi RenoveeEglise Catholique de FranceEglise Catholique Apostolique de FranceAncient Aposiofic Catholic ChurchApostolic Catholic ChurchEglise Orthodoxe Gallicane AutocephaleFree Holy Catholic Church o(" England (D...Prc-Nicene Gnostic Catholic ChurchOld Roman Catholic Church (D Niagara Falls)United Orthodox CatholicateEglise Gnostique ApostoliqueOld Holy Catholic Church (Church of the ...Indian National ChurchUniversal Apostolic Church of LifeSaintc Eglise ApostofiqucSainte Eglise Catholique Gallicane Auroc...True Orthodox Christian WanderersSaintc Eglise Apostolique Orth Celtique ...Indian Orthodox Church; Patriarchate of IndiaEglise Calh Apost Primitive d'Antioche O...North American (Old Roman) Catholic ChurchHochkirche in OsterreichOld Roman Catholic Church in North AmericaUnited Episcopal Ch (Christian Cath/Chur...Eglise Catholique Gallicane AulocephaleChrist Orthodox Cath Exarchate ofAmerica...Brotherhood oflhe Blessed SacramentGnostic Catholic ChurchEglise Vieille Catholique Romaine en FranceOld Roman Catholic Church (Orthodox Orders)Orthodox Church of SardiniaSt Thomas Evangelical Church of IndiaSanta Iglesia Catolica Aposioiica Oriodo...Igreja BrasileiraA'lmoner." Generale Indep Mixle Orient-O...American Orthodox Catholic ChurchChurch of the EastAlexandrian Orthodox Church in AmericaAnglican Orthodox Church of North AmericaHoly Apostolic Catholic ChurchAmerican Orthodox Catholic Church (AD N&...Orthodox Old Catholic ChurchUnited Old Catholic ChurchVrai Eglise CatholiqueOld Roman Catholic Apostolic ChurchChrist Catholic Ch of America & Europe: ...Old Catholic Church in Bosnia & HerzegovinaCMS Anglican Church of IndiaEglise Apostolique de MadagascarAnglican Orthodox Church: D PakistanIglesia Catolica Americana OrtodoxaLiberal Catholic Church, Order ofSt GermainSociety of Saint Pius XCatholic Tridentine Church
1054 Orthodox

Armenian Church, TheOrthodoxAlbanian Orthodox ChurchAfrican Orthodox ChurchSerbian Eastern Orthodox ChurchGreek Orthodox Archdiocese of North AmericaUkranian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A.Holy Eastern Orthodox and Apostolic Chur...Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of AmericaAmerican Carpatho-Russian Orthodoc Greek...Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox ChurchSyrian Orthodox Church of Antioch (Archd...Orthodox Church in AmericaAntiochian Orthodox Christian Archdioces...Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and mar...
80 Early Century Sects

33 Catholic Church

Jesus Christ
Catholic Church