Founded in the year 1515 by Martin Luther

This Major Sect is 504 years old.

Martin Luther is considered the founding father of the Reformation. This Catholic monk and priest used abuses in the Catholic Church as a reason for rebelling against papal authority and tradition. Luther established a church that was to be based on the bible alone as the sole authority. In 1529 Luther wrote his Large Catechism and his Small Catechism. A year later one of his followers wrote the Augsburg Confession. In 1537 Luther and others wrote the Articles of Faith. In 1577 the Formula of Concord was drawn up. These documents offer an explanation of Lutherís ideology and theology. They form the doctrinal basis of Lutheranism. Today, originating from Lutherís bible alone ideology, there are over 30,000 Christian denominations, and 500+ well known creeds, confessions, and articles of faith.